Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dress Code and Registries

We are count 'em *9* days away from May 15th! Yeah!

And there are two questions that we're answering individually at the moment quite a bit so I'll just put it all here:

Question #1: What's the dress code for the wedding?
Answer: dressy casual. We aren't formal people so khakis are okay in our book! Be who you are! Or if you have a fancy dress you've been wanting to show off, by all means pull it out!

Questions #2: Where are you registered?
Answer: You have two choices actually.

We are accepting donations to HRC here:

Or we've compiled a list of actual items on Amazon here:
(which includes a couple of local options as well)

Any more questions ask here, text, call, Facebook, whatever! We never mind hearing from anyone!

We can't wait to see you very, very soon!!

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  1. I'm busting out a very fab dress for this, just so u kno.