Friday, February 12, 2010

Some fun updates!

So, as we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, we are both major planners. We've pretty much been done with the planning of this when we started this blog in October. We've been back tracking and saying "oh yeah, that's been done too! we should blog about that!"

We finally got our rings. They're in their little boxes on our headboard. That was pretty exciting to open the box and see those gleaming bands staring back at us. We're really doing this, huh? :-)

We realized we haven't said much for a month. Then it dawned on us that we have some stuff coming up to talk about! Some things that we HAVEN'T done yet! Hooray!!

Wednesday is going to be a big day for us. We are meeting with the operations manager at Center on Halsted to devise our game plan of what the theater and the reception hall are going to look like. As much as we've brainstormed at home about how we want things set up and what it will all look like, it will be awesome to finally sit in the middle of the theater and visualize it.

After that, we are headed to the caterer for our tasting. We really think we've put together a menu full of things that people will really enjoy, and foods that people will thank us for for keeping it real. He asked us to remind him that we need to discuss wines, so here's hoping "discuss" means getting good and sloshed!

The invites are done, and this weekend we're putting them together. We got a special item in the mail yesterday that is going to add the perfect little disgustingly cute aspect to them.

Busy week ahead for the Silk-Kremenaks! 3 short months to go!!