Thursday, April 15, 2010


In one month from today, we will be the Silk-Kremenaks. It’s amazing. We announced a year ago we were getting married, and we only have to wait 30 more days for it to be a reality.

We’ve been a little antsy about it lately too. Everything is done. Completely. It’s kind of sad and a relief and a blessing all at the same time. We get to spend the next 30 days filled with excitement leading up to the big day.

Of course, Val is going to have 7,000 panic attacks between now and then worried that something is going to go wrong, and Lindsay is going to roll her eyes 7,000 times that Val is being ridiculous.

We’re very excited to see our families all in the same room! It’s been a while since we’ve both gotten to see our parents, so it will be nice to get and give mom/dad hugs. We’re touched that so many of our friends from out-of-state are trekking in to join us for the event. We’re equally thrilled to share the day with so many fantastic people that we have grown to love in the (almost) 4 years we’ve lived in Chicago. It does not escape us how lucky we are to have each and every one of your in our lives.

We’re waiting for the last few RSVP cards to trickle in, and then we can give final counts to the caterer. If you’re reading this and you haven’t sent your card… you know what to do.

Stay tuned!