Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dig in the dancing queens!

Our wedding is a celebration of not just our union, but of our supportive family and friends. We want to make the party as fun as possible, and we want YOU to help make it so! Please follow the link and answer the questions!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where ya stayin'?

So unless you're deciding to stay downtown, hotels in our neck of the woods are few and far between. Here are the 4 closest ones though that we recommend you guys to look into if you want to stay in our 'hood and close to the venue and our place.

Hawthorne Terrace Best Western - just down the street, and this one we can vouch for being a great hotel. Cute and serene in the middle of the bustling city. Across the street from the famous Ann Sather's (cinnamon roll yumminess!) and about a 5 minute walk from our place and the venue for the ceremony. Prices range from $150-230 depending on what kind of room you want and how long you're staying (discount for staying more than three nights). Includes, breakfast, internet, microwave, fridge and the cutest outdoor terrace. And some awesome friendly service!

Villa Toscana Bed & Breakfast - pretty much literally on our corner. Although we've never been in here the reviews are fantastic and the pictures look adorable. This B&B ranges from $99-159/night. Has free breakfast, WiFi and cable.

Inn at Lincoln Park - this is about 1 mile from our area. So about a 20 minute walk, $5-7 cab ride, or a quick bus ride away! Prices range from $75-100.

Days Inn Lincoln Park - also a mile away like the hotel above. So same way of getting to our neighborhood. In a shopping mecca area. This hotel has free wireless, breakfast, cable, and access to the Balley's Fitness next door! Prices range from $135-185/night.

Again, these are the ones closest to us. If you find something else that you think will work but are not sure do not hesitate to text, call or email a question before you book it. We want your stay in Chicago to rock!!

The Super Terrific Party

One Friday night in Chicago, people began coming together. You've been introduced to our wedding party thus far...but they hadn't met each other. So in flies the Silk Sisters to the tundra that was Chicago on the first weekend in December.

Dinner was had, drinks were thrown back and new friends were made.

Although not much in the way of actual planning took place...the 'getting to know you' session was definitley a success! It ended up with lots of laughs while watching YouTube videos and chatting it up!

What a great night to hang out with friends (and some friends that are family) and sit back, relax and realize what a fantastic wedding party we have, and how great this wedding will be in May!

She will pronounce us....

Our friend, Bailey Hughes, will be the officiant of our wedding ceremony.

Bailey is ordained though Universal Life Church, and is bringing the message to the ceremony we want, which is that everyone is equal and we should all love and respect one another regardless of our obvious or implied differences in any and all aspects of our lives.

We are so excited to have Bailey be a part of this day with us, and she is excited that we are "making our own history and not waiting for the laws to change" (her words!)

Yay for Bailey!

pHunny pHucking pHamily Hour!

In between our ceremony and the reception, we are so fortunate to bring everyone a special perfomance from pH Productions. They will be doing "pHamily the Musical", an improv musical that is completely written by suggestions from the audience.

There will be a short break between our vows and the party, so everyone will go and grab a drink and them come back into the theater with some wit to yell at the performers so we'll have a memorable musical experience.

By the way, for those of you who are local, check out http://www.whatisph.com/ for showtimes for all of pH's productions. Catch a show before our wedding and see what you have to look forward to in May!

Two turn tables and a microphone

Let's hear it for Nikki C! Nikki has DJ'ed several events that we have gone to, and he gets the crowd crazy. We're happy to have him be a part of the reception and a part of our big day. Stay tuned for a survey where you can tell us (and Nikki) what you want to shake your money maker to during the reception!

Friday, December 11, 2009

So much to say!!

So, we know we suck at this. Really, really suck at this blogging! In any event, this weekend we are going to get this updated for the masses who are bugging us for what we have done and what we have left to do! We are big time planners, so five months out, we’re pretty much done. BUT, we will get it all up here. We love you guys for cheering us on and being so supportive.

Holy shit, FIVE months?! Wow… SWEET!