Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dress Code and Registries

We are count 'em *9* days away from May 15th! Yeah!

And there are two questions that we're answering individually at the moment quite a bit so I'll just put it all here:

Question #1: What's the dress code for the wedding?
Answer: dressy casual. We aren't formal people so khakis are okay in our book! Be who you are! Or if you have a fancy dress you've been wanting to show off, by all means pull it out!

Questions #2: Where are you registered?
Answer: You have two choices actually.

We are accepting donations to HRC here:

Or we've compiled a list of actual items on Amazon here:
(which includes a couple of local options as well)

Any more questions ask here, text, call, Facebook, whatever! We never mind hearing from anyone!

We can't wait to see you very, very soon!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wedding Shower

Val's coworkers threw us a LOST-themed wedding shower, complete with Jesus Sticks, Fish Biscuits, "Frogurt", and Dharma Cookies- and a Dharma cocktail...

We are so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

Shannon created these LOST lanterns! We kept a few of them.

4...8...15..16...23...42... every 108 minutes.

Everyone knows we love to cook for people, so we got some grilling and cooking supplies!

Everyone also knows how much we love our board games.

Joel busted out a doctor coat and came as Jack.

Yummy treats- plus the Dharma logo with two brides in the center saying "I DO!"