Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hotel suggestions Pt 1.

So we have some out of towners coming in for the big day. Yay! But we realize that a lot of you have never been to Chicago. So, some helpful hints in looking for a hotel to make your stay better and more convenient....

  • when searching the closest neighborhoods to us and our location are "Lakeview", "Wrigleyville" and a bit further "Lincoln Park". Also, I know most sites will actually list these under "North Chicago".
  • downtown tends to be more expensive and it's about 3-4 miles away from us. Although it is gorgeous and you can easily access public transportation
  • speaking of public trans, driving is no fun around here! And we are close to some main lines. Get something near a "Red Line" train stop and you're good. Our stop is the one for Wrigley Field! Everything we'll be doing will be around this stop.
  • there are not many hotels in the exact vicinity of the wedding site, but we will list them all later

Let us know if you have any other questions though, and while searching for hotels and think you found a good one? but just want to make sure? Email/call/text us people and we'll let you know!